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Certified Pre-Owned Cars are a great value. Buyers feel comfortable with their purchase because they know the car is in great condition, comes with a warranty, and is priced competitively. Buyers are also willing to pay more money for a Certified Pre-Owned car as compared to a "Used Car".

Knowing the marketing importance of this program, I created my exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Home program. For a buyer, finding a home that has little to no defects, is priced at a great value, and also includes a warranty is a gem of a deal. They have peace of mind knowing the home is actually Move-In Ready: the three most powerful words in the MLS system.

Benefits to the seller: there will be very few "surprises" as a result of the buyer's home inspection plus you will be able to do many of the repairs yourself (a buyer typically requires a licensed contractor to perform even the most minimal repairs). As a seller, you can also use the home warranty during the listing and contract period for any unplanned repairs that need to be addressed (ie: HVAC, plumbing leaks, electrical work, etc.)

Ultimately, a buyer will pay more money for a Certified Pre-Owned Home. Their agent will know the home is of great value and they will be working with a professional on the other side of the transaction. The cost of the Certified Pre-Owned Home program is minimal to the seller. There are three steps to the program.


  1. The home is completely inspected by a recommended home inspector.

  2. Most all repairs noted in the inspection are completed prior to the home going live on the market.

  3.  The seller will offer a 2-year Home Warranty to the future buyer.

Your home will be advertised as a "Certified Pre-Owned Home" and will feature a "Certified" logo on the sign and in any marketing materials.