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Carving a pineapple—specifically, carving a pineapple jack-o'-lantern—isn't inherently different from carving a pumpkin, but it takes a little special care. Learn how to carve a pineapple jack-o'-lantern here, and you're guaranteed to have the chillest, most unexpected decor of the season.

Pineapples don't have the surface area for your favorite pumpkin carving stencils, unfortunately, but if you're particularly handy with a knife, you could try some freehand carvings. Otherwise, sticking to the standard jack-o'-lantern is best—though feel free to add your own flair to your pineapple jack-o'-lantern's smile.

pineapple jack o lantern brooke miller real estate.jpg

Select a slightly underripe pineapple for carving. Look for a firm fruit with green skin and a perky top. Using a sharp knife with a thin and flexible blade, cut off the top 1½ inches of the pineapple, leaving the leaves attached. Set aside.

Use the knife to cut around the inside of the pineapple skin, leaving about a half inch of yellow flesh intact around the sides. Score the fruit through the core to make it easier to remove.


Use a large, thin spoon or an ice cream scoop to scrape out the insides and transfer to a bowl. Continue cutting around the edge to loosen the flesh and scooping with the spoon until you get to the bottom inch or so of the pineapple (it will become a lot harder to scoop out when you reach the bottom). Save the insides for piña coladas, pineapple soft serve, or even a topping for pork tacos.


Cut out triangles for eyes—you can use the pineapple "eyes" as a guide—and use the tip of the knife to push the cutouts through to the inside. Cut another triangle for a nose and a scary grin. Keep the carved pineapple in the fridge until darkness falls. Illuminate with a tea light placed in a small jam jar or a flameless candle.

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