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brooke miller move up home selling program


Move-Up Program

Who is the Move-Up Program for?

Buyers who need to sell their home BEFORE buying a new home.

Our 'Move-Up Program' works because we understand the psychology of what makes our market tick. Ultimately, a buyer will pay more money for a Certified Pre-Owned Home. The agent knows the home is of greater value and they will be working with a professional on the other side of the transaction. The cost of the Certified Pre-Owned Home program is minimal to the seller. 

Nine Step Program:

  1. Request a FREE Home Value Report to find out what your home is worth, 

  2. We implement the Certified Pre-Owned Home Program

  3. We arrange for the professional staging of your home

  4. We have your home appraised by a licensed real estate appraiser

  5. We customize the listing and marketing program that works best for your situation 

  6. Your home goes on the market with our full-service marketing plan, which exposes your home to thousands of potential buyers

  7. Use our knowledge of the local real estate market, area, and builders to help you find and purchase your next home

  8. Sell your current home

  9. Close on your next home and receive your cash bonus

Benefits of the Move-Up Program

When you sign up for our MOVE-UP Program, you receive all the benefits of our Certified Pre-Owned Home program:

  1. Professional staging

  2. Professional appraisal

  3. Full-service listing services

  4. Cash back when you purchase your next house with us

  5. Full buyer representation on the purchase of your next home

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