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Seller Programs

Brooke Miller has created a suite of Seller Programs that will improve your property appeal to buyers in the market. These programs have been refined and perfected over the last eighteen years to create the ultimate opportunity for you to succeed in marketing your home. From home improvements to home warranties, Brooke has thought of every last detail necessary to make your property desirable and ultimately sell for more money in less time. 

Downsizing Made Easy

If you or your loved one is thinking about downsizing to a more manageable living space, we can help you find the perfect property that fits your needs and lifestyle AND help with the organizing and downsizing your of personal items and furniture as well so your move is comfortable, well planned, less stressful and economical.  Our downsizing team consists of local folks who can not only help with the current home but also help plan furniture layouts for the new home, manage donations and sales of items, cleaning, repairs, etc.

Move-Up Program

If your family has grown or you're simply looking for more space, we can help you explore larger homes that meet your criteria.  Use our Equity Advantage program, use our certified pre-owned home program, use our refi-Ne your rate program.

Home Equity Advantage Program

We have access to programs that can help you leverage your current home equity strategically to purchase your next home now, save significant money and achieve your financial goals.

Certified Pre-Owned Home

Hate surprises that cost you money?  Want peace of mind when selling your home or investment property? This program may be right for you: Your home is inspected by our licensed home inspector several weeks BEFORE it goes up for sale.  This way you can have control of making any repairs on your own or choosing one of our recommended contractors to help.  Then you also offer a 1-year home warranty through one of our recommended warranty companies to the future buyer.  All of this with no out-of-pocket cost to you: it’s all paid at the settlement.

Relocation Support

Whether you're moving within your neighborhood or considering a move to a different part of the US or Canada, our team can provide expert guidance and support and connect you with a personally vetted and endorsed real estate agents at your future destination.  We have over 3000 agents in our personal referral network whom we know personally and who share our same business philosophy.  This group of agents gets together every May for an in-person reunion and personal development retreat.

Pineapple Projects: Renovations for Maximum Value

Planning to renovate before selling? Our Pineapple Projects program is a full service concierge program that gets the renovations done before you sell to ensure you get the best return on your investment. But you don’t pay a cent until the closing.

Retire Your Rental

A comprehensive program that streamlines the process for landlords looking to sell their investment properties. We understand that being a landlord can be a demanding role, and we're here to make your exit strategy as smooth and rewarding as possible.  We start with working with your current tenants timeline and enroll the home into the Certified pre-owned home program.  IF renovations are needed, Pineapple Projects can help.  Let’s get you top dollar for your investment property so you can move on with your life.  Interested in selling one rental and using your proceeds to purchase another rental or two while avoiding Capital Gains Taxes at the same time?  We can help with that too!

Refi-NE Your Rate

Buy your new home NOW and when you refinance we cover the cost of your loan origination fee (up to $1565).*

*Restrictions apply.

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