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In addition to finding a buyer for your home, we will:

  • Walk with you through the real estate process from start to finish

  • Develop a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help determine your home's value and optimal pricing

  • Assist you in preparing your home for sale

  • List your home on Long and and other popular websites

  • Keep you up-to-date on current market activity

  • Assist you with the selling and negotiating processes

  • Track contingencies and ensure contract deadlines are met

By working with us, you will:

  • Be more likely to get the greatest return on your investment

  • Gain exposure to more qualified buyers and agents

  • Access current market information to make informed decisions

  • Have a skilled negotiator on your side

  • Maintain peace of mind that the details are being handled


Start packing valuables and items you don't plan to use until after you've moved, including any personal photos displayed in the home. Removing clutter will make your home appear more spacious. While deciding what to pack, think about which appliances to take with you. For example, are the washing machine and dryer included or do you want to take them?

Get your home move-in ready. Most buyers want a home in move-in condition when they buy. For example, painting the interiors a neutral shade or white is a simple way to make a home appear brighter and allows potential buyers to easily incorporate their style into the space. 


Also, be sure to complete regular maintenance on your home's cooling and heating and other systems to keep them in good working order for the next owner.


Boost curb appeal. The exterior is often a potential buyer's first impression of your home. If it's well-kept outside, many buyers also assume it'll be well-kept inside. Paint or clean your exterior, trim hedges and shrubs and mow the lawn. These small activities have a big impact on attracting the right buyers to your home. 

Clean. Hire a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean your home for potential buyers.

Stage. Make your home look its best by staging high-traffic rooms, such as the living room and kitchen. Staging helps buyers picture themselves in the home. While many sellers hire a professional, especially in competitive markets, you may also be able to do it yourself.


Certified Pre-Owned Home Program
A Certified Pre-Owned Home sells for more money in less time than a traditional home.

Want to learn how your home can become a "Certified Pre-Owned Home?"

Brooke Miller Real Estate


Selling your home is an emotional process.  Brooke focuses on the goals of her clients when helping them sell their home for a price they would like and a time frame they want.

With thousands of home sales under her belt, Brooke knows a thing or two when it comes to helping her clients successfully sell their home.

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